Another Starlight wish granted

Published Date: 09/06/2014

DMC and planitgreen support Starlight Children's Foundation through planitgreen sales, for every planitgreen toner we sell, 25p is donated to Starlight Children's Foundation. Starlight brighten the lives of seriously and terminally ill children by granting once in a life time wishes to help them through the pains and stresses that for them, is every day life.

The last few years have seen us grant the wish of 7 year old Anna, who wanted nothing more than to visit the princesses at Disneyland Paris, 5 year old Miller's wish to visit Thomasland, 6 year old Vincent's dream to meet the Chelsea football team on match day aswell as Christmas pantomimes and parties to name a few.

DMC have recently granted yet another wish, this time for 8 year old Jack. Starlight wrote;

"Jack is an 8 year old fun loving little boy who suffers from cystic fibrosis. Jack is inquisitive and very bright and loves nothing more than tumbling around in the mud and playing army with his friends and brother, Luke!  He has always wanted to travel by airplane and his Starlight Wish was to go to Disneyland Florida and see the Dolphins! Thanks to the support of DMC and planitgreen, Starlight was able to send Jack and his family to Disneyland Florida where Jack swam with Dolphins and enjoyed meeting all his favourite characters.

Jack’s mum wrote to say “Without Starlight Jack's wish just wouldn't have been possible. He had a magical time and we made some lovely memories. Seeing him so happy was priceless. Jack even mentioned last week that it was something he will never ever forget! We can't thank you enough.” 

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