DMC Do More for Charity

Published Date: 15/05/2013


After 9 days enduring high altitudes and harsh terrains, Damian has completed his challenge for charity raising a total of over £1000 for Starlight Children’s Foundation. The trek spanned 9 days beginning in Cusco, travelling through Choquequirao, Rio Blanco and Aguas Calientes finally reaching Machu Picchu.

Damian started his first day in Cusco with a 5-hour walk to get used to the altitude. Smothered in sunscreen he braved the high temperatures and beaming sun for a warm up yesterday managing to get a blister and the hike had yet to begin.

The following 9 days boasted beautiful views and tiring climbs. Hiking for an average of 4-5 hours it was far from a walk in the park for our daring Damian. Spanning 77.5 miles, the hike was through barely explored terrain and hot weather. Damian deliberately chose a trek that was off the beaten track to truly experience the wonders of this secluded area, though this meant the physical challenge was greater without fully defined pathways and roads. Overall, he relished the challenge returning to work with a smile, a tan and more than a few blisters.

All the struggle was in aid of Starlight Children’s Foundation out partner charity. Starlight helps to brighten the lives each year of over half a million seriously and terminally ill children by granting them once-in-a-lifetime wishes and by providing entertainment for children in hospitals and hospices throughout the UK.

DMC has an ongoing commitment to charity and as part of this are constantly striving to achieve more and more, sometimes violating the boundaries of common sense to raise as much money as possible. March saw 10 DMC daredevils jump off a 150ft building for charity and we are planning to do even more this year – a marathon, a bbq and a skydive may be on the cards for the next few months.