ETIRA Recognition

Published Date: 01/03/2013


DMC has been recognised by ETIRA for our planitgreen™ brand, further evidence of the quality & sustainability of our products.

ETIRA represents the interests of the inkjet and toner cartridge remanufacturers and related service providers, compatibles manufacturers, etc. in the EU. Created in 2003, it is the recognised industry body for all topics affecting this industry. ETIRA provides many services to its members and the industry at large.

ETIRA also effectively manages a remanufacturing Code of Conduct and the ticked-R collective mark, used BY planitgreen™ and exclusively by ETIRA full member firms who abide by the ETIRA Code of Conduct. The Code represents a set of guidelines for the remanufacturing industry. These concern general quality, social and environmental standards.

An ETIRA member using the collective R-mark commits himself to adhere to, respect, and fully comply with the provisions of the Code in all his business activities. If you buy from an ETIRA member using the ticked-R collective mark, you are buying from a respected company applying the highest industry standards.

Every day, resellers and distributors across Europe sell thousands of non-OEM laser toners, and with good reason; resellers know that remanufactured cartridges are an environmentally friendly alternative to new cartridges, reducing global CO2 emissions, and diverting waste products away from landfill.   What's more, remanufactured toners generally offer greater cost savings against new OEM toners.

As an ETIRA Member, planitgreen™ is bound to a stringent code of conduct which means all our products are produced and perform to ensure BOTH their reliability and quality, while not infringing on any patents.


Cartridges supplied by an ETIRA member have been produced and individually tested to the highest industry standards. Whether they are ASTM, DIN or ETIRA-certified, you can be sure that planitgreen™ toners produce top-quality prints, just like the original product. And don't just take our word for it many independent tests by consumer organisations across Europe confirm it.


Original manufacturer often patent their product.  As a consumer, you don't want to purchase products if you are infringing someone's patents, but don't worry: as an ETIRA member, we care about respecting legitimate intellectual property rights.


All ETlRA members have a solid base in Europe. We focus on meeting European expectations regarding print quality, yield and safety of our products.


All planitgreen™ toners equal the quality of the original product, and not only do we offer a 2 year comprehensive guarantee, as an ETlRA member, they also offer you 100% warranty on all our products


Preamble and Goals

ETIRA, the European Toner and Inkjet Remanufacturers Association aisbl/ivzw, based in Brussels (Belgium), is committed to enhance professionalism in the remanufacturing industry. Its members should at all times maintain standards of conduct worthy of our sector, its suppliers and service providers. By doing so, members will enhance and maintain the credibility and prestige of the industry. 

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct provides standards of professional conduct and practice within the industry. The Code of Conduct is designed to provide a benchmark against which to measure the products and services of ETIRA full members who are Users of the ETIRA collective mark R. 


Each User commits himself to adhere to, respect, and fully comply with the provisions of the Code in all his business activities and business relations, including those with clients, suppliers, competitors, media, the general public, etc. 

User will not engage in any business practice or business conduct which may harm the toner and inkjet cartridge remanufacturing industry in Europe. User will also refrain from any activity harming the general image of the industry. 

General Provisions Application of Best Practice

User commits himself to apply only the highest professional standards (Best Practice-approach) in running his daily business. User applies a fair and transparent business approach, and is an established and respected industry-player. Where appropriate and required, User will allow general business operations to be subject to external auditing by independent third parties. 

Users will abide by and comply with any and all official regulations from the regional, national or European authorities concerning its business. This includes professional, social, environmental rules, regulations, etc. User possesses the necessary licenses and qualifications for running his business. 

User will ensure that all staff members in the company are informed of this Code and comply with it. 

Product quality

Users main priority is to satisfy the client's needs, and to meet the specifications to which User is committed. User will only produce and bring to market products respecting the highest quality standards. User and his staff possess the minimum necessary skills and techniques required to remanufacture such products. User has at least a minimum number of diplomas, certifications, etc. (general and industry-specific) to allow for a high quality remanufacturing process. 

Products will have undergone appropriate testing prior to marketing. Any complaint(s) concerning product quality or provided service will be dealt with promptly and properly. 

Product warranty

In line with all legal and commercial requirements, the User will carry and honour a correct and reasonable warranty scheme for his entire product and/or services line. 

Social standards

User applies labour conditions respecting local and national regulations and standards. Production plants are a safe working place for all staff members. 

Staff are awarded normal wages/benefits packages, and have normal career development opportunities. User applies possibilities for permanent staff training. 

Environmental standards

Throughout the production process, User respects regional and national environmental regulations. User must aim to reuse or recycle as much as possible and minimize the amount of waste discarded. Paper and card, plastic and aluminum must be recycled if economically feasible. 

All waste toner must be sealed in appropriate packaging to minimize spillage. All waste must be disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner that is economically feasible.